Competitively Speaking

What new skills do you require to be more competitive? What do you need to win?  (Really folks, it is a competition.  If we don’t make our mark, someone else will come in and fill the void.)


An Ingredient in Success

How well are we communicating what we do to our stakeholders, C-level types and faculty? Do we need to change the tone, tenor or content of the message?

Do You Foresee a New Direction?

If you could add a new Direction to Leadership, Education and Advocacy, what would it be and why? Do you foresee new developments and challenges that need additional focus?  What paths would you recommend to fulfill your new direction?

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Achieving Our Goals

The current goals of Leadership, Education and Advocacy are relevant today and we foresee them to be in 2013. Moving forward, we need to retool and update. Name at least one objective or initiative for each: Leadership, Education and Advocacy that you would like to see in the new plan. Objectives answer the “how” question: What actions must we, as an Association, take to accomplish our goals?

From the Executive Board Strategic Directions Committee –

We hope that “Strategically Thinking” provides a convenient 24/7 forum for you to offer ideas and suggestions for the 2010-2013 plan. Each week the committee will post questions and topics focusing on the future of our profession, the Association and, most importantly, our members. All weekly topics will be open for comment throughout Fall 2009. Thank you for your submissions and keep them coming in!

Jean M Wenger, Chair

Christine Graesser

Ruth Hill

Joyce Manna Janto

Marcus Hochstetler

Our Future

Strategic planning is a process whereby we position ourselves in the future by analyzing current trends and then decide to influence those trends most important to us. Foremost, strategic planning is about us, what we need to do and want to achieve. The future is ours – how do you define it?

1) What three words should describe law librarians in the future?

2) What three words should describe AALL in the future?

3) What would you like AALL to accomplish in the next 3 years?

Welcome to Strategically Thinking!

Next year the AALL 2005-2010 Strategic Directions come to an end. AALL members with the Executive’s Board Strategic Directions Committee will craft a new Strategic Directions plan. With our exceptional talent, skills, and professionalism, we have the opportunity to move law librarians and the profession in vital and progressive directions.

1. How do we seize the moment and make it our own?

2. Where do we, law librarians, want to be in the next 3 years?

3. What is required of us to create the world that we envision?

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